Webcomic Wednesday: Number XII


I thought I’d keep on with the dinosaur theme and present to you this comic from Chaos Life. These comics talk about everything from mental illness to queer issues to hilariously dirty cat-related puns. I highly recommend checking them out, as well as their other comic Find Chaos. Find Chaos is a supernatural graphic novel that, while not as lighthearted as Chaos Life, is one of my twenty-something comic sites that have aided me through many a study-related procrastination session.

Have you ever actually seen a bowerbird’s bower? The males build this incredible structure – a bower – and decorate it with bits and bobs to attract a female. Though specifics in decorations and style range across the different species, the bowerbird is generally associated with collections of blue things.

The bower of a Satin Bowerbird

The bower of a Satin Bowerbird

As you can see, bowerbirds that have regular contact with humans have updated their decor with the times; less of the blue flowers and berries and more of the bottlecaps and straws. You can’t help but admire the engineering ability of these birds who don’t have the benefit of opposable thumbs!

I’m hoping to do some more regular updates, so keep posted for more posts.

Thanks for reading!


Header from GilesOrr.com


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