Webcomic Wednesday – Number Nine

This week’s comic (and the first post in a looong time (sorry)) is from a new source called For Lack of a Better Comic! Contrary to the name, they’re actually pretty up there in terms of originality. There’s a fair bit in the way of butt jokes, but still well worth having a look at. Enjoy, and I’ll hopefully keep on top of articles for the coming weeks!

global warming

For any of you who live in Australia or know of their environmental policies, this hits far too close to home. There’s a pretty brilliant Facebook page called Simpsons Against the Liberals (with the Liberals currently being in political power), filled with insightful and delightful Simpsons/Liberals memes

Pobody's Nerfect

Yep, that’s our Prime Minister. And this doesn’t even have one of his sexist or racist quotes on it. His latest gaff was saying that Australia was  “Mostly unsettled” before white settlers came along. Of course the indigenous people who had lived there fr the 40 000 years leading up to this didn’t count. They were, after all, not even classed in the official human population in the census until 1967 (Australia has a pretty dark and twisted origin story).


Buuut back to a more positive subject – Science comics!!!



Check out Simpsons Against the Liberals here and For Lack of a Better Comic here

Header is from GilesOrr.com


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