Webcomic Friday

I’ve been pretty lax over the past few weeks. This has mainly been because I’ve had a week of university study break (which everyone knows means a break from study amirite). But I’ve also been getting onto things while being back at uni so I haven’t had much spare time. So, with a break in tradition, I bring you my first Webcomic Friday.

This comic is from someone that I’ve only recently discovered called Chaoslife. Their comics are semi-autobiographical and deal with everything from adorable cats to not so adorable (but still cutely drawn) mental conditions. I’d definitely recommend going over and having a read!

I posted this comic because, as much as I wish it didn’t, it pretty much portrays my applicable astronomical knowledge when it comes to stars.



I could tell you how to determine how far away a star is, what is is composed of and how it was made, but ask me if that light in the sky is a plane or Jupiter and I’ll be totally stumped. It’s a little embarrassing when the theory behind this stuff is essentially what my degree is.

Probably something I should work on.

Thanks for reading!


The original comic can be found here.

Header image is from VintagePrintable.com.



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