Webcomic Wednesday: Number Eight

I’ve been doing this for eight weeks? Good god. Thank you to those that have been reading!

This week’s comic is from The Gentlemans Armchair. This particular one is about a kid’s show called The Magic School Bus, which I absolutely adored when I was younger. It involved Miss Frizzle and her class’ adventures with, you guessed it, a magic school bus. She took her class on excursions showing them everything from how muscles worked to the inside of an erupting volcano. Certainly a cool way to teach your kids science.

Here’s the theme song to refresh some memories.


Travelling around in a magic school bus could present some problems though:



The class was going to go to Pluto, but Ben didn’t get his permission slip signed. That’ll learn ‘im.


Check out  The Gentlemans Armchair for more awesome comics.

Thanks for reading!

Header photo from Ruth Hogger’s Research Blog.


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