Yugen-a love this

Well this here is my first and maiden post. If you’ve had a look at the ‘What is Yugenometry’ page you’ll have an idea of what is to come. I’m hoping to use this blog to gather together some cool science tidbits, whether they be simulations of high energy particle collisions, or webcomics that make funny Schrodinger’s cat references. Within that, I’m going to reference everything I find, and do my best to use the original source of information so what I write will be as accurate and untainted by other interpretations as possible, so you get the best science possible.

This post’s header is of the Pillars of Creation  from hubblesite.org and let me tell you, if you like space, you will love this site. Even if you don’t like space, I guarantee you’ll find something interesting. This site has photos straight from the Hubble telescope, so you know they’re going to be good.

Stay tuned for articles, links to comics and interesting videos that will hopefully broaden your horizons, blow your mind and bring a little more scientific wonder to your life.

Oh, and puns. There will be puns.


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